Why I’m representing Advocare Health and Fitness Products:

I was on TV and in Professional wrestling & I was in incredible physical shape for many years. My mom died, I gained 20 lbs and I reached out to a fellow TV Star for help. He gave me the Advocare 24 Day Challenge and I lost 14 lbs and continued on products, adding more exercise to lose the rest.

People at the gym saw my results and told me to become a distributor to help others achieve the same goals. I heard about income opportunities from other people at the gym and became a distributor. Within the first week I sold all my product, earned several hundred dollars and am now on track to make serious extra FULL time income with PART time effort.

Advocare has made me stronger in my Health, Fitness AND Finances!

Where do you start?

Take a look at my Advocare Website here:

You’ve got to ORDER the products and USE them for amazing results!

I did the 24 Day Challenge last year and lost 15lbs. I’ve managed to keep off 7 from that run! It WORKS!


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You CAN do it! Are you a busy mom? You can do it! A business professional? You can do use these products and see huge results in your body AND in your overall health.

I promise you — it works! I’m corn fed and Midwestern bred. I have to really make an effort. I’ve been using these products for 1 year now and they WORK! The changes in my body, my energy level and my general fitness have been so exciting and rewarding. You WILL watch YOUR body change, too.

Anyone can do this! Invite friends to do it with you!

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I speak the truth. Just look at my photos to prove it! THAT is why I post them.
Proof is IN the pudding! Or Advocare! XXOO

My Website to ORDER from!

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